INSPIRE is a non-profit community interest company (cic). Our community is made up of smallholder farmers and agro-ecological practitioners across the world who are interested in sharing knowledge and experiences regarding environmentally responsible ways of intensifying food and agriculture production.

We tell stories from the field to spread that knowledge with a particular focus on Conservation Agriculture (CA), the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and Crop Intensification (SCI).

Our Constitution

Our work aims to assist members of agricultural communities whose food security, nutrition and livelihoods are threatened by the impacts of climate change. 

We do this through the production and dissemination of a variety of media relating to sustainable production intensification practices.

Our goal    

We are aiming for a greater uptake of CA, SRI and SCI globally through the development of a global agro-ecological network.

We aim to

1. Produce information materials and story-based accounts about environmentally responsible ways of intensifying food and agriculture production.

2. Encourage the uptake of agro-ecological systems, particularly by smallholders in the Global South and with a particular emphasis upon gender.

3. Inform development practitioners about the benefits of environmentally responsible ways of intensifying food and agriculture production particularly via research-based reports, articles and papers.

4. Encourage policymakers to consider support for these methods.

5. Increase awareness among the general public about the broad social benefits that these methods bring.

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